I have one 9 month old female puppy available.  You can see her pedigree and pic on her page.  Her name is Bella.   I kept her as a show dog but I am thinking her ears are to large and I am considering placing her as a pet.  Her price is 2500.00.  Already housbroken & crate trained. 



Please note:  I do not have any puppies. 

I will not be doing a breeding till at the earliest summer of 2020.  You can check back at that time.  To see if we have decided to breed or not?

       Thank you  



This beautiful one yr old spayed female is looking for a new home.  There was no health testing done on the parents.  This is a courtesy posting.  If interested complete an application and I will forward it to owner.    Cost is $1000.00

Date of birth is 2/25/17       She is up to date of shots & spayed.    She is a very happy and energetic puppy but she requires a lot more time and attention than what they have been able to give her.  She is used to children, and has lived with cats.   She is house broken but she does need work on her listening and commands.  She is extremely hard headed.  (typical sammy)
Sammy would do best with someone who has more free time to take her on walks and a  fenced yard.  She would also do best with someone who can be home with her all day since she is used to this.  We do crate her when we go away but she does not do well with this.
Sammy is now in my care.   We are working on the crate training and car rides.   She is a very needy girl.  She wants to be with you all the time.  She needs to build some confidence.    She has been very good while here.  Prev owners stated she would sometimes chew on things she should not when left alone.  She has not done that here as of yet.   We will continuse to work on car rides and letting her know how much fun they really are.   This is important part of your training. if the only time a dog goes in the car is to go to the vets or groomers or someplace not so nice.  They will become terrified of riding in the car because they associate that with something bad happening.  Car rides should be fun.  We go to different places to go for walks.  Go to lakes or just go for ice cream.  But we make car rides fun.


Two year old male. He is netured and up to date on shots, Housebroken.    Must be an only dog or with submissive female.   $1100.00   SOLD

Weighs 63 lbs         He is a litter mate to Keywee.  So to see pedigree see Keywee page. 


 Puppy prices are $2500.00

I  have no plans for any breedings until 2020.

One female puppy available.  Born 10/19/2017


We have 4 beautiful little girls and one boy.

We have puppies!