Ivan is a neutered rescued American Eskimo dog.

Ivan was purchased through a back yard breeder.  His father name is Scruffy,  his mother name was Lucy Lu.  His parents have never had any health testing done.  He was sold to an older lady who died shorty after she got him.  The breeder would not take Ivan back as they got their money and did not care what happened to their puppies.

Ivan was lucky he ended up in rescue.   Not all dogs are so lucky.  My husband applied to adopt Ivan which is how we met as I did rescue.   My husband wanted a dog that he could take hiking, generally a dog who could be active.   Ivan was only 2 yrs old and appeared to be in great health. He noticed shortly after he got Ivan after a day of hiking he seemed very sore the next day.   Jim took Ivan to the vets to find out what was going.

Vet determined that Ivan had very severe hip dysplasia, at the age of two.  Please make sure if you get a puppy from someone the parents of the puppies have had their health checks done.  There is no guarantee that testing the parents will keep this from happening .  But the chances are much better for a healthy puppy if parents are tested.

Ivan is currently 14 yrs old


Ivan in front Chewy in back

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