Puppies most important time is life is the beginning.   Having a fantastic beginning to life makes for a very well adjusted adult dog.

My puppies are very important to me.  I try to teach them as much as possible in the first two months of life.  Starting with the day they are born.   From day one I hold the puppies.  I mess with their feet and ears.  These are very important down the road when it comes time for nail trimming and vet visits.  The first three weeks of life I sleep right beside the pups.  I live in the whelping room/ my bedroom.  The first two weeks I only leave the room to go to the bathroom.  My husband even brings me my food in the whelping room.  I stay right there with them the entire time.   After two weeks I will start to eat dinner in the dining room.  I will go to other areas of the house but not for long.  Only for about 15 min at a time.   If I need to leave the house for some appointment or something. I have a babysitter come and watch the pups while I am gone.

Once pups move out of whelping box into play area.  I no longer sleep with them.   I still do not leave the home for more than a hour at a time.   I quit my job when I realized I could not go to  work and worry about the puppies all day long.   So I no longer work,  raising this litter of puppies is my job.  This is something I undertook and now  it is my responsibility to be sure it is done correctly.

Being as my pups live in the main part of the house with me.  They are used to regular house noises, tv, vacuum, appliances.   They also go for car rides on a regular basis so everyone gets used to riding in the car.   They learn to go up and down steps.  They will also be well on their way to being house trained.   I socialize them as much and spend as much time as I can.  They will be used to other big dogs.  However, I do not have a cat so I cannot expose them to a cat.  They are used to banging noises.  Lots of barking noises.  Hooves noises from the horse and buggies that pass by the house.  Farm equipment noises.  They get lots of yard time as long as it is fairly nice.  They have been outside in the rain to potty.  When possible they have heard thunderstorms.

I have cameras on them so you are welcome to watch the puppies play and grow until time for them to go to their new homes.

All puppies come with my recommended collar and leash, (white pine) some food to get you started Taste of the Wild, High Prairie,  puppy food, and a few toys.

I have tried to expose my pups to as much as possible so they are used to normal household activities.   Hopefully to have a well rounded secure feeling puppy when you bring your puppy home.

You are welcome to visit my home to see the mom’s prior to the birth of the puppies.  You are also welcome to visit once the puppies are 6 weeks old.   I am  always available to answer questions.  I will also board your puppy when you go away as long as I am not away at the same time.

My breeding dogs have all health testing done.   All my dogs live in my house and not in a kennel.   Be careful who you purchase your puppy from.   If you have any questions please feel free to ask?

Puppies born 10/19/2017

Holly’s Pups born 3/8/2017