Born and raised in Carlisle, PA, I had always loved dogs.  About 15 years ago I became involved with the American Eskimo Rescue where I met my husband Jim.  Once married, Jim decided he would like a dog for skijoring so we began our search for an active dog that would be great at winter sports, people and other dogs. At that time when we were looking for a dog I decided I might also like to try my hand at showing with our new dog. We decided a Samoyed would be the perfect match for us.

We purchased our first Samoyed from Kim and Eric Johnson (MoonMagic Samoyeds) in Midlothian, VA in August of 2011. We named her Moonmagics Total Eclipse of the Moon, aka Abby.   She was my first show dog. She is everything I ever dreamed of and more.   At 6 months of age I took her to her first dog show which was a UKC show in Mechanicsburg, PA. I knew nothing. I did not honestly know if I really had a show dog or not?  At the show Abby made it into groups. During groups the judge pointed at me for the group one.  I was so excited.   At the second show Abby got another group one.    After that show the judge came up to me gave me her email address and asked me to email her some picture of Abby.   She wanted to send them to a friend of hers overseas.   She felt she was a beautiful dog who would only get better with age.

That was the beginning of our love of the Samoyed breed.

My dogs are more than just pretty faces in the conformations ring.  We do lure coursing, herding, Bikejoring, Skijouring, Carting and dog sledding.

We are members of the Samoyed Club of America,  and the Altoona Area Kennel Club.